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Data Src Description Units Freq Seas. Adj. From To Last Value % Chg Updated Series ID
Graph of Current+Population+Survey%3A%3Cb+Style%3D%22color%3A+Rgb%2864%2C64%2C64%29%22%3E++%3Cb+Style%3D%22color%3A%3C%2Fb%3E+Rgb%2864%2C64%2C64%29%22%3E+Not+in+Labor+Force%2C+Want+a+Job+Now+%3C%2Fb%3E  BLS Current Population Survey: Not in Labor Force, Want a Job Now hundreds Mon SA 1994-01 2014-02 60600 -4.5 2014-03-08 lns15026639
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