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Macrospect Economic Data Services

Macrospect provides a simple keyword/attribute search engine for economics time series data. We offer an easy and quick data browsing capability, to help you to find the data you want.

We have data from the Federal Reserve, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau, OFHEO, Treasury, and more. We deliver data in a uniform, standard (tab-separated ASCII) data format that is easy to import into spreadsheets and specialized statistical manipulation software like Excel, Stata, R, Gauss, etc.

As a Macrospect subscriber, you can create and manage your own datasets - groupings of time series data from our database. Free access allows you to search for data series and plot them on customizable graphs. Standard data transformations (log, period over period, year over year) can be applied to series before display or download.

Macrospect economic data services are available in a range of reasonably priced packages, and are an excellent value compared with other data services that cost thousands of dollars per year. For more details on service levels and subscription rates see Services.

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Macrospect Economic Data Services is a wholly-owned division of Independent Economic Advisers, legal name Rocky Point Software Inc., a limited-liability corporation. Rocky Point Software has been developing on-line database and software services since 1995. Since 2007, the company has operated under the name Independent Economic Advisers to reflect our increased emphasis on economics-based products and services.

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